Join the Energy Revolution and Create Your Own Power

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By producing and storing your own clean power, you can become an active player in the energy transformation

Energy systems are shifting. For decades, our nation has been powered by large, centralized power plants that produce high-voltage electricity and deliver it to the masses via the electric power grid.

Since the mid-20th century, utility companies have connected their power plants to large transmission systems — allowing them to deliver electricity to customers thousands of miles away, through millions of miles of distribution lines.*

But this centralized system is aging, and the grid is becoming increasingly stressed. Blackouts fueled by extreme weather are more and more frequent.* The crisis in February of 2021 in Texas was a prime example of how dangerous a grid failure can be, illustrating that centralized power generation isn't the way to build a resilient electric system as we forge a sustainable future.


A Changing Energy Landscape as We Move Toward Decarbonization

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The process of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in our earth’s atmosphere.

Decarbonization is a much-needed transition to slow the world's advancement toward a dangerous temperature threshold. If we continue burning fossil fuels at the current rate, scientists expect our global temperatures to rise 2°C by 2036, crossing a threshold that will harm all sectors of civilization: food, water, land, health, energy, national security, and economic prosperity.*

To stay below this critical threshold, there is a global push toward decarbonizing our planet by accelerating the transition to renewable energy. The traditional, centralized production of coal and oil is no longer the future of energy. The quickest path to decarbonization is by creating a decentralized energy system that involves local power generation via solar, battery backup, electric vehicles and more. Not only does producing clean power on a smaller scale (closer to the point of use) help us hit renewable targets, but it also reduces distribution losses and improves power reliability.*


How Sunnova is Leading the Energy Transition

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We can't drop dirty fossil fuels overnight. Decarbonization is an energy transition that involves a paradigm shift — one that we're proud to be a part of. At Sunnova, we're leading a transformation in the way people use and source energy. This shift, driven by groundbreaking innovation and technological change, empowers homeowners to create and store their own clean energy.

Through solar + battery storage, residents can not only protect themselves and their loved ones against grid failure, but they also can pave the path toward decarbonization and climate resiliency. Solar and battery storage doesn't just benefit homeowners; it benefits society.


Decentralized Energy Systems Improve Safety and Well-Being

Abrupt shifts in the balance between supply and demand can overburden the electric grid without warning, leaving residents in a frustrating and potentially dangerous situation. Home storage systems can help adjust energy delivery to satisfy demand. During a severe weather event or a hot summer night, residents with solar plus storage can tap into the energy from their backup batteries rather than relying on the electric grid for power. This alleviates strain on the grid and frees up energy for other customers.

Home solar + storage systems can also reduce the burden on first responders. Think back to the deep freeze in February 2021 in Texas, where medically vulnerable residents were left without power to keep necessary medications refrigerated and medical devices plugged in.* In these cases, battery backup power can help prevent a medical emergency by enabling electronic equipment to remain on, while keeping food fresh and safe to protect the most vulnerable.

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The Age of the "Prosumer"

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Today's electricity consumer is different than in years past. We've evolved into "prosumers," both consuming and producing energy, which makes us more active players in the energy transition.* With home solar systems, we can use the energy we produce on-site and then sell excess energy back to the grid where available, illustrating how the energy system is no longer a linear model.

With energy storage systems, homeowners are empowered to generate and store the backup power for their own energy needs. Digital technologies like energy meters and smart thermostats offer consumers a better understanding of their usage patterns while allowing them more control over how they use electricity. As these technologies advance, they're becoming more affordable to the average homeowner.

At Sunnova, we're developing smarter ways to help customers enjoy the benefits of a truly independent home by integrating the use of solar, battery storage and energy management technologies. It's becoming more important to produce energy at home instead of relying on a source far away that's subject to failure.


Join the Movement Toward a Brighter Future

As we face more climate chaos, there's a growing need for resiliency. Smarter, clean technologies that offer new ways to produce and manage energy at home are becoming more widespread. As the market shifts to an increasingly decentralized model, homeowners are invited to join the movement.

By embracing solar energy, battery backup and smart technology, you can become an active player in the energy revolution — and enjoy the freedom to live life uninterrupted.

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Discover how you can create your own power.


Sunnova Vision

Hear directly from Sunnova employees about Sunnova’s vision for the immediate future, including some of the exciting energy services and technologies that will benefit both home solar and commercial solar customers in 2023. Keep an eye on all of our latest developments.

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