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What We Provide

Sunnova makes going solar easy! With customized options, flexible financing, and 25 years of system protection, we can provide a better energy service at a better price.

  • Go Solar

    The time to go solar is now! Increase your energy independence and take control of your home energy costs.

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  • Go Solar with Battery

    Gain extra peace of mind, day or night, on or off the grid, with resilient and reliable backup power – for the freedom to live life uninterrupted™.

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  • Add a Battery

    With Sunnova +SunSafe®, you can add a solar battery to your existing home solar system with little to no upfront costs.

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  • EV Charger

    Sunnova now offers you the ability to purchase a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger with Sunnova SunSafe® home solar + battery storage service.

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  • Home Solar Protection

    Protect your investment with a Sunnova Protect™ service plan for up to 25 years of worry-free monitoring, maintenance, and repairs.

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Each home’s energy needs are different.

With our Sunnova Adaptive Home™, we are creating solutions that integrate the use of solar, battery storage, energy control and management technologies to make clean energy even more affordable, reliable and resilient.

  • “I am now one year and one month into having service from Sunnova and to date I have no complaints. They have kept their word about my bill and I am happy with the amount I am paying especially since it is consistent. I can easily plan on the payment monthly since it is the same and it is deducted from my account.”

    • Merrin P.    


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