A Letter from our CEO: Sunnova's Commitment to Service

Sunnova's Commitment to Service

I founded Sunnova over six years ago with the goal of offering consumers a better energy service at a better price. From humble beginnings in a downtown Houston apartment, we have grown into one of the leading residential solar and storage service providers in the United States.

Our mission is simple—to power energy independence—and we are deeply passionate about providing homeowners with a real choice when it comes to powering their homes with cleaner, more sustainable and affordable energy solutions. We are equally committed to creating trusted, long-term relationships with our customers, as they are the very heart of our business.

Only ten years ago, home solar energy systems were out of reach for most homeowners. The initial capital costs were too high and trusted expertise in installation and service was difficult, if not impossible to find. Sunnova was founded to address these problems by greatly reducing or eliminating the large upfront costs, making expert installation and service accessible, and providing homeowners long-term cost stability for the energy generated by their systems.

Every day, our customers welcome us, in very real ways, onto and into their homes, and this relationship begins with our trusted sales, installation and service dealers. While there are many things that set Sunnova apart from other energy providers, one of the biggest is our dealer business model. We work with a very select group of established local solar installers who have comprehensive knowledge of their markets, enabling us to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. Each of them is carefully vetted and monitored to ensure they meet the high standards of our partner code of conduct and share our commitment to solar expertise, customer service and ethical business practices.

To ensure we live up to these high-standards standards, we have an in-house, highly-trained team of customer care professionals who ensure customers’ questions are answered and problems are rapidly addressed. Together, these efforts have helped us achieve service levels that are amongst the best in the industry. We can’t always claim perfection, but we are always perfecting.

Just one example of this commitment to service was seen in our response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, home to nearly 10,000 Sunnova customers. Like much of the energy infrastructure on the island, many Sunnova systems were damaged by the impacts of the storm. While many others waited or never returned to the island, Sunnova initiated an immediate response and began repairing and replacing customers’ systems as quickly as possible. As we undertook one of the largest residential solar fleet restoration efforts in history, we did so at no cost to our customers. We reacted immediately because we made a promise to our customers to be there for them over the life of the contract, and we are proud to say we delivered on that promise.

We bring this same dedication every day in every place we work.

Accountability, trust and service are the bedrock of our business. These principles are what have allowed us to grow from a tiny start-up to a significant solar service provider serving nearly 65,000 homeowners. It is why we have advocated for consumer protection legislation to prevent predatory sales practices in the solar business.

Sunnova is a leader in consumer choice and energy innovation, and it is only because of our customers and partners and the relationships we’ve built over the years that we have achieved this. I thank you for your support of Sunnova. It is this spirit of service and innovation that will help provide more and more homeowners with affordable and sustainable energy, one relationship at a time.


—John Berger
Founder and CEO, Sunnova Energy Corporation