Cleaning Your Solar Panels is Easy!

How To Properly Clean Solar Panels

Sunnova solar panels are durable and built to withstand the elements. Even so, solar panels may accumulate dust and debris over time, potentially reducing the amount of solar energy output from your system. That means, you’ll occasionally want to rinse off your panels to keep that all-important sunlight pouring in. Typically, rainfall will serve as a consistent and effective method of washing the panels. However, in more arid climates where rainfall is minimal and dust storms are often, it may be necessary to periodically rinse your solar panels.

We put together a few recommendations to clean your panels with plain old water! You can do this safely from the ground without getting on your roof.1

Easy Recommendations:
  • Spray your panels with a garden hose, safely from the ground – do not get on your roof.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals that could damage the panels.
  • You should not clean your solar panels during the hottest part of the day because the extreme temperature difference between the water and the solar panels may cause the glass to crack.

We want your solar system operating to its maximum potential, on a continual basis, year after year. With a little maintenance on your part along with your Sunnova protection plan, we can work together to ensure your home solar system generates to its maximum potential.

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Solar Maintenance Tips



Keep your home solar system operating at peak performance for years to come with simple solar panel maintenance. Learn more about solar panel maintenance



1. Sunnova does not assume responsibility for any injuries to the homeowner that may result from solar system maintenance.