Why Dealers Should Enter the Commercial Solar Market with Sunnova

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The U.S. commercial solar market is entering a massive growth phase as businesses, schools, municipalities and other organizations look to meet sustainability targets and hedge against energy price volatility.

This presents a huge opportunity for solar installers to scale revenue by expanding into commercial projects. However, the commercial market comes with real hurdles around project financing, sales, personnel, operations and expertise.

Choosing the right strategic partner is critical for solar installers to capitalize on commercial opportunities, versus being overwhelmed by the challenges.

Becoming a Sunnova commercial solar dealer can enable growth in large-scale solar projects. Sunnova offers complete solutions tailored to address many of the obstacles installers face when entering the commercial sector.


Why Commercial Solar Represents the Future

why commercial solar represents the future

Before looking at Sunnova, specifically, it’s helpful to understand the sheer potential of the U.S. commercial solar market. Cost reductions have made solar power cost-competitive with conventional energy in more states. ESG initiatives are also driving organizations to procure clean power.

These trends are fueling double-digit growth in commercial solar adoption, including:

  • Government policies and incentives continue to improve for commercial solar
  • 33 GW of new capacity added to the U.S. solar sector in 2023, a 55% increase from 2022
  • Falling component prices make the economics of solar even more compelling for businesses

This trajectory is projected to continue, with some analysts forecasting a tripling of commercial solar over the next 5 years. For solar installers ready to expand beyond residential work, commercial projects represent the next major business growth opportunity.


What it Takes to Be a Commercial Dealer with Sunnova

what it takes

To help ensure a successful relationship with our commercial dealers and quality service for our business customers, we have some basic requirements to get started, some of which are:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Dedicated commercial staff
  • Key employee contact information
  • Legal business name and a copy of your W-9
  • Proof of required contractor's license for commercial solar work

Why Solar Dealers Choose Sunnova

Here are a few key reasons Sunnova stands out as an ideal ally.

strong financial backing

Strong Financial Backing & Specialized Financing

One of the biggest challenges facing installers entering commercial solar is project financing. While a homeowner might balk at a $20K rooftop solar investment, commercial systems frequently run into the hundreds of thousands — or more.

Most solar dealers lack the internal capital or debt capacity to fund commercial projects, especially at scale. This can prevent them from bidding on deals, since they have no way to finance construction if awarded a contract.

Sunnova relieves this major pain point through customized financing solutions not available to smaller companies in the space. Having completed our IPO in 2019 and trading on the New York Stock Exchange with a multi-billion-dollar market capitalization, Sunnova is well-funded and intends to be in business for the long haul.

This financing advantage provides dealers the opportunity to enter contract negotiations already equipped with attractive pricing and structuring solutions.

more business opportunities

More Business Opportunities

Being able to tailor the right solution for each customer helps your business stand out. That's why Sunnova gives you the tools you need to provide customized energy services. Plus, in addition to the leads you generate, Sunnova also provides the opportunity for your company to grow by providing access to creditworthy businesses and public institutions in growing markets across the U.S., such as:

  • Commercial and retail
  • Universities, schools and hospitals
  • Industrial, agricultural and transportation sectors
superior service

Superior Service & Support

As a Sunnova commercial dealer, you’ll get a team committed to expanding your customer base, your product and service offerings, and your bottom line. Together, we can leverage our industry expertise to bring customers affordable, clean, worry-free energy services. This includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Payment at project milestones
  • In-house engineering guidance
  • High-quality equipment partners
  • Comprehensive financing options
  • Up to 25-year limited solar and battery warranty

Sunnova’s powerful Adaptive Energy Services platform can be tailored to meet your customers’ specific energy needs, business goals and local utility rate structures.

access to top tier equipment

Access to Top-Tier Solar Equipment

Sourcing quality solar modules, inverters and other hardware at scale is another major undertaking for installers entering commercial work. Sunnova’s purchasing leverage with top equipment manufacturers gives dealers access to premium components typically only accessible to the largest national providers.

For each new job, Sunnova can procure the right equipment mix based on factors like project size, location, codes and customer specifications. We thoroughly vet our suppliers and components to ensure the highest system performance and reliability.

Rather than piecing together hardware for each bid, dealers can represent a “one stop shop" to customers by leveraging Sunnova’s equipment sourcing expertise and buying power. This removes tremendous friction from the customer sales process.


Elevate Your Commercial Solar Experience with Sunnova

what it takes to be a commercial dealer

A commercial solar dealer might choose to work with Sunnova for many reasons, including:

  • Increased credibility through association with a large, publicly traded energy company
  • Improved risk management through Sunnova’s project equity and financing
  • Access to Sunnova’s system pricing based on high purchase volumes
  • Direct contact with Sunnova’s team of industry experts

Our established reputation and expertise provide invaluable credibility with potential customers evaluating solar providers.

Meanwhile, our purchasing leverage and financing tools can enable you to offer attractive pricing and structure agreements to maximize close rates. If you’re seeking to profitably realize commercial solar’s potential, becoming a Sunnova dealer represents a strategic path forward. Our experience, infrastructure and resources provide turnkey solutions to overcome the hurdles of installing larger solar systems.

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